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Flammulated Owling

For almost 20 years we’ve been showing people Flammulated Owls in Utah. It is the tour that started the business and remains our most popular.  If you want to see a Flammulated Owl, we can show you—we even showed Greg Miller of  “The Big Year”.

Flammulated Owl Tours

Flammulated Owl Count 2021 Flammy Count 194
2022 Flammy Season Starts in

2021 Flammulated Owl Tour Dates

Open public tour dates can be converted to private tours at an additional cost.
If you are interested in a date not listed below, don't hesitate to contact us about a private tour.


9 Flammy's 1 NSWO, 3 COPO, 2 GHOW

Sat, May 15 (private)

6 Flammy's 1 GOSHAWK!, 1 COPO, 2 GHOW

Sun, May 16 (owling +)

15 Flammy's 1 COPO, 1 GHOW

Mon, May 17 (private)

11 Flammy's 2 COPO, 1 RUGR

Thu, May 20 (basic)

10 Flammy's 2 COPO, 1 GHOW

Tue, May 25 (owling +)

6 Flammy's 1 COPO

Thu, May 27 (owling +)

5 Flammy's 1 COPO

Mon, May 31 (basic)


4 Flammy's 1 COPO, 2 Porcupine

Wed, June 2 (private)

9 Flammy's 2 COPO, 1 GHOW

Thu, June 3 (private)

8 Flammy's 2 COPO

Sun, June 6 (owling +)

4 Flammy's 2 COPO

Mon, June 7 (basic)

8 Flammy's 4 COPO, 3 CONI

Tue, June 8 (basic)

5 Flammy's 1 COPO

Mon, June 14 (basic)

6 Flammy's 1 NFSQ!!!

Wed, June 16 (basic)

6 Flammy's 4 COPO, 3 RUGR, 1 NFSQ!!!

Sun, June 20 (private)

4 Flammy's 1 NSWO, 4 COPO

Mon, June 21 (owling +)

14 Flammy's 4 COPO

Tue, June 22 (private)

5 Flammy's  

Wed, June 23 (private)

6 Flammy's 1 GHOW

Thu, June 24 (private)

4 Flammy's 2 COPO

Sat, June 26 (basic)


5 Flammy's  

Wed, July 7 (basic)

2 Flammy's 1 COPO

Sat, July 10 (private)

4 Flammy's 1 COPO

Sun, July 11 (basic)

3 Flammy's 3 GHOW, 2 COPO

Mon, July 12 (basic)

4 Flammy's 2 COPO

Wed, July 14 (owling +)

4 Flammy's --

Thu, July 15 (owling +)

4 Flammy's 2 NSWO, 3 COPOO

Sun, July 18 (basic)

4 Flammy's 2 COPO

Wed, July 21 (basic)

2 Flammy's 2 COPO

Sun, July 25 (owling +)


2 Flammy's 1 NSWO, 1 GHOW

Tue, Aug 3 (owling +)

7 Flammy's  

Wed, Aug 4 (basic)

6 Flammy's 2 COPO

Thu, Aug 5 (owling +)

2 Flammy's 1 COPO

Sat, Aug 7 (basic)

2021 Pricing


This 3-hour trip, leaves just before sunset directly owling, returning to SLC as soon as we see a Flammy.

Max Participants: 4
$100 per person
Book Now Quick & Easy
Large Group

This BASIC tour is for groups of 8 or more and perfect for tour groups with their own itineraries.

Max Participants: Any Number
$50* per person
Book Now *as low as

What's Included & What to Expect

What to Expect on Your Tour

We will pick you up in our comfortable 12-person Transit Van (aptly named Otus) from one of several possible meeting locations depending on where we are going for the night. We also provide pickup from a handful of select hotels (inquire if interested). From here our travels may take 30-minutes to an hour depending on where we are going.

For our basic tours we will head directly to one of our field sites and start owling. For our Owling + Tours we will plan out an exciting couple of hours birding before dark on the way to our owling sites. If you have any target birds, feel free to mention them when you book and we'll try to squeeze them in.

Once dark (usually about 15-30 minutes after sunset), we will use our time-tested techniques to illicit a response from an owl. Once we've found a responsive individual we'll attempt to track the bird down, and breifly shine our low-temp LED spotlight near the bird, and use a laser pointer to provide directions to see the tiny owl.

We typically try to keep our views under 30-seconds, and always try to keep the owls well being our top priority. With that being said we often get extended views of cooperative owls using bounce light off of the nearest branch.

After success, we'll hop back in to Otus, and return to SLC, share a few high-fives, and send you safely on your way to your next birding adventure!

What's Included

  • Professional Guide Service
  • Transportation from SLC
  • Spotlight and Playback Equipment
  • Water for Refreshment
  • Birds—we’ll find some birds
  • Some Flammtastic Tour Swag
  • Delightful Conversation about Birds
  • A Thoroughly Enjoyable Time!
We also include SFW dad jokes, witty bird puns, and the occasional commentary on things non-bird related!

What's Not Included

  • Binoculars
  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Personal Flashlights/Headlamps
  • Bug Spray
  • Jackets or Sweaters
  • Shoes and Socks
  • Flights or Transportation to Utah
We highly recommend all of the above ;)

Still have questions? Ready to book a tour? Either way tapping the buttons below will put you in touch with us!

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Recent Photos from this Tour

Still have questions? Ready to book a tour? Either way tapping the buttons below will put you in touch with us!

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